GALLERY: Four Generations of Brynners
The Silhouettes and photos shown have been posted with the kind permission of Dr. Rock Brynner, son of legendary film actor Yul Brynner. Dr. Brynner will take these Silhouettes to Vladivostok, Russia, the birthplace of Yul Brynner. Once there, they will be on permanent display in the Arsynev Museum.

Images are not for sale or reproduction.
Four generations of Brynners "pose" for a Silhouette portrait using old and new photos as reference. The four generations of Brynner men shown here were made from this mixture of old and new photos.

Please send an email inquiry along with your scanned photos for a price quote on these specialized silhouettes, as regular pricing does not apply. Profiles and 3/4 views are best to work from. If possible, please send several photos of each subject. Silhouettes made from photos of your departed loved ones of all ages can also be created for you, and will be treated with the greatest of sensitivity and respect.

Rush delivery is not available for these silhouettes as they take additional time, care and planning to cut.

Top row: Jules Bryner, great grandfather. Center row: Boris Bryner, grandfather. Bottom row: Dr. Rock Brynner, son.
Far right: The King of Siam himself, Yul Brynner, father, performing his magic on
a couple of his many leading ladies!

Sorry, these images are not for sale or reproduction. Their purpose is to serve
as as examples of what Kathryn can create
for YOU using available family photos!