Custom Silhouettes by Mail

Hand-cut silhouette portraits made to order of you, your children, or even your pets!

A silhouette of a girl by Kathryn Flocken

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You can also email Kathryn directly with your photos if you have a special request for something different. Kathryn can work from your photos to make Silhouettes to your specifications.

Please include the following information:

  • Your first and last name in the body of the email.

  • A right-profile photograph of each subject having a silhouette made (jpeg format only please.)

  • Identify each photo by subject name.

  • The type and size of the silhouette portrait you would like.
    (Example: Traditional Double 5”x7”) Please see the types of silhouettes below for reference.
Perfect side profile photo for a silhouette portrait

Need instructions on how to take a perfect photo?

Click Here

Types of Silhouettes

Traditional Silhouettes

Traditional silhouette portraits are 5”x7”. You will receive 3 copies of these silhouettes.

A traditional single silhouette of a girl by Kathryn Flocken


Single subject, person, or pet.

3 copies

A traditional double silhouette by Kathryn Flocken


Double subject. Any combination of 2 persons and/or pets.

3 copies

A traditional triple silhouette by Kathryn Flocken


Triple subject. Any combination of 3 persons and/or pets.

3 copies

A traditional quadruple silhouette by Kathryn Flocken


Quadruple subject. Any combination of 4 persons and/or pets.

3 copies

Half-Body Silhouette

A half-body silhouette by Kathryn Flocken


A single person from waist-up.

3 copies

Full-Body Silhouette

A full-body silhouette by Kathryn Flocken


A single person, full-body.

3 copies

Medium Silhouettes

Medium silhouette portraits are 8"x10". You will receive 1 copy of these silhouettes,

A medium single silhouette by Kathryn Flocken
Single Medium


A single person or pet.

1 copy

A medium double silhouette by Kathryn Flocken
Double Medium


2 people or 1 person and 1 pet.

1 copy

Visit Kathryn's Etsy Store for easy ordering and to see all the items available!

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Hand Cut Silhouette Cake Topper

Cake Toppers - NEW!

Hand cut paper Silhouette cake toppers will enhance any special event with a personal touch!

Toppers can be made black and white or any color you choose, and can be framed afterwards.

Toppers can be made of people or pets, busts or full bodies.

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Cake topper purple silhouette of a girl
green silhouette cake toppers of a girl
Hand Cut Silhouette Ornament by Kathryn Flocken

Silhouette Ornaments - NEW!

It’s Christmas all year long at!

Authentic Silhouette portraits of your children or pets are lovingly hand cut and placed into these sweet yet sturdy little 2x3” resin frames. A free bow in the color of your choice adorns your ornament, and includes hanging hardware and a gift box.

Your ornaments are suitable to be hung on the tree at Christmas, then displayed on the wall the rest of the year!

Shop here to see what styles are in stock! Look for great deals on multiple ornaments. Ornaments come in your choice of black or white, and come in a sweet little gift box.

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Hand Engraved Crystal Ornament

Hand Engraved Crystal Ornaments / Sun Catchers

Personalized Deluxe Crystal and Economy Glass Ornaments. Presented in a box or organza bag, these elegant hand etched and painted ornaments will sparkle on your tree at Christmas, and catch the light for the rest of the year when hanging in a window.

Choose whether you’d like your ornament embedded with gold, silver, copper, or a mix of paints. Hanging ribbon or cord included.

These items are hand made with Love by an Artisan using a hand held engraving tool, and the ornament has been individually made just for you! Small variations in lettering and design are to be expected and appreciated as in any hand crafted original piece of art.

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Etched ornament
etched ornament of a girl
A silhouette in a frame by Kathryn Flocken

Need a Frame?

Looking for the perfect frame for your silhouette? Kathryn has you covered! Kathryn's Etsy Store has a wide variety of frames, ranging from traditional black ovals to gold wooden frames!

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Silhouettes: Rediscovering the Lost Art - How To Cut Silhouettes by Kathryn Flocken


Rediscovering the Lost Art

Rediscover the lost art of silhouette cutting with Kathryn's book, a step-by-step guide to the art of silhouette portraiture.

This is the first book that reveals all the ins-and-outs of this unique art form. From the basics of the art to advanced techniques, this book provides you with everything you need to know to make hand-cut portraits the authentic way, whatever your skill level!

Kathryn's Etsy store also offers all the supplies you will need to create your own silhouettes, such as silhouette and mounting paper and scissors!

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