The Silhouettes of the Ring

Watch the montage of Kathryn's beautiful Lord of the Rings silhouette portraits.

Kathryn is an avid fan of the Lord of the Rings, and this collection of Silhouettes was created as a work from the heart, to honor her favorite film trilogy.

Each frame was carefully chosen to compliment the character depicted. Here are the characters in order of appearance, and their frame details.

  1. 1. Sauron, the Lord of the Rings

    Timestamp: 0:43

    Featured in an ornate gold frame, as he forged the One Ring to rule them all. 5x7” wood oval with hand gold leafing and hand rubbed for an antiqued look.

  2. 2. Isildur

    Timestamp: 0:50

    He cut the One Ring from Sauron’s hand. Isildur is featured in a black oval frame with a hand gold leafed inner lip. The gold signifies that he had possession of the Ring, and the black indicates his corruption and betrayal by it. 5x7” wood oval.

  3. 3. Gollum

    Timestamp: 0:56

    The third keeper of the Ring, Sméagol transformed into the creature known as Gollum as it slowly overtook him. Gollum is shown in a 5x7” wood, predominantly black oval frame with a speckled gold edge and thin gold inner lip.

  4. 4. Bilbo

    Timestamp: 1:02

    Bilbo Baggins is featured in a simple gold leafed frame, as he remained untainted by the One Ring. 5x7” wood oval.

  5. 5. Frodo

    Timestamp: 1:08

    The Ring Bearer and chief protagonist of LOTR, Frodo is shown in the same gold oval as Bilbo. The same frame signifies the otherwise unassuming looking Ring was passed from Uncle to Nephew. 5x7” gold leafed wood oval.

  6. 6. Gandalf the Grey

    Timestamp: 1:13

    Mithrandir the Wizard is shown here in an off-white speckled frame with a silver leafed inner lip. 5x7” plastic oval frame.

  7. 7. Samwise Gamgee

    Timestamp: 1:19

    Real wood oval frames were chosen for Frodo’s three faithful companions from the Shire. The clean simplicity of these frames reflects the earthy and wholesome lives of Halflings. Sam is shown in a 5x7” cherry wood frame.

  8. 8. Merry Brandybuck

    Timestamp: 1:25

    Walnut 5x7” frame.

  9. 9. Pippin Took

    Timestamp: 1:30

    Oak 5x7” frame.

  10. 10. Nazgul

    Timestamp: 1:35

    Servant of Sauron, this Ring Wraith is shown in a solid black 5x7” plastic oval, as many of the villains in this collection are shown.

  11. 11. Tom Bombadil

    Timestamp: 1:42

    The enigma of LOTR, Tom’s Silhouette is shown with bare minimal detail, with only a blue feather to distinguish him. Tom put on the Ring, yet it had no effect upon him. The gold leafing on the inner lip of the frame signifies his handling the Ring, but the pure blue frame signifies he remained wholly unchanged by it. Wood oval, 5x7” (Tom is not in the film version of LOTR, but his presence is a nod to those who have read the books and might be charmed to see him included!)

  12. 12. Strider

    Timestamp: 1:47

    Ranger of the North, Aragorn is framed in an unadorned silver leafed 5x7” wood oval frame. A King in waiting, Aragorn is the heir of Isildur and rightful claimant to the thrones of Arnor and Gondor.

  13. 13. Twilight Witch King

    Timestamp: 1:54

    The leader of the Nazgul in his ghost like form, is shown in a silver 5x7” poly stone frame with a swirl pattern.

  14. 14. Glorfindel

    Timestamp: 2:00

    In the book, it was Glorfindel who assisted Frodo at the Ford of Bruinen. This powerful and ancient Elf was the Lord of the House of the Golden Flower, so his ornate cream frame with gold details, the golden flower pin on his cloak, and blonde hair are all strong signifiers of who this portrait is. Glorfindel is an honored addition to this collection. 5x7” wood oval.

  15. 15. Elrond

    Timestamp: 2:05

    The Lord of Rivendell is featured in a white rectangular carved wood frame, with flora that reflect his tranquil dwellings. 5x7” image. The overall frame is about 9 x11”

  16. 16. Legolas

    Timestamp: 2:11

    Son of Thranduil of Mirkwood, Legolas the Elf is featured in a real LOTR metal collectors frame with mallorn leaves on each corner. 4x6”

  17. 17. Gimli

    Timestamp: 2:19

    Son of Gloin, this brave and loyal Dwarf is shown in a dark metal rectangular frame, as his folk were expert miners and fond of all things geometrical. 5x7” with a metal door hanging loop.

  18. 18. Boromir

    Timestamp: 2:23

    Boromir is featured in an ornate gold with black oval frame for two reasons. He was the favored “golden child” of his father Denethor II, but the black signifies his temptation by the One Ring. Boromir ultimately redeems himself valiantly in LOTR (FOTR in the film, TTT in the books). Wood 5x7”.

  19. 19. The Fellowship

    Timestamp: 2:28

    The art shown is a print that has been shrunk down to fit an 11x14” silver frame with a decorative profile. The original Nine were hand cut, and fit on 16x24”.

  20. 20. Balrog

    Timestamp: 2:35

    Durin’s bane is shown in a solid black, 5x7” plastic oval.

  21. 21. Galadriel

    Timestamp: 2:40

    The Lady of Lorien is featured in this rich, real wood oval frame which has been entirely hand gold leafed. She was offered the Ring by Frodo, but defeated the temptation to accept it. She remains ever Galadriel, surrounded here by leaves and flowers. The Lady is 7x9” and the outermost measurements of the gold frame are 12x14”.

  22. 22. Saruman the White

    Timestamp: 2:47

    Shown in a wood 5x7” white oval frame with a silver leafed inner lip, Saruman's portrait was kept chiefly all black to show his corruption on the inside, despite his high rank as a White Wizard.

  23. 23. Lurtz

    Timestamp: 2:52

    This Uruk-hai scout (non canon), is shown in a solid black 5x7” oval frame. He had such an interesting look with the white hand print on his forehead, it would have been a shame not to include him!

  24. 24. Eomer

    Timestamp: 2:58

    Marshal of the Riddermark, Eomer is shown in a vintage 5x7” resin oval, painted brown to resemble wood, and flanked by gold painted roses.

  25. 25. Snaga

    Timestamp: 3:05

    Meaning “slave” or “servant,” this Orc of Mordor is shown in a black oval 5x7” plastic frame.

  26. 26. Treebeard

    Timestamp: 3:11

    The Oldest of Ents is shown in a rustic wood frame. Treebeard is 5x7” and the outermost measurements of the real wood rectangular frame are 8 1/2x 10 1/2”.

  27. 27. Gandalf the White

    Timestamp: 3:16

    Featured in a pure white wood oval 5x7” frame. Gandalf’s hair and beard are completely white, notating his change in status after his return from death after battling the Balrog.

  28. 28. King Theoden

    Timestamp: 3:21

    The Lord of Rohan is proudly seen here in a dark poly stone 5x7” oval frame with a swirl pattern.

  29. 29. Grima Wormtongue

    Timestamp: 3:27

    Chief advisor to King Theoden and spy of Sauruman, this shady character is shown in a solid black plastic oval 5x7” frame.

  30. 30. Faramir

    Timestamp: 3:33

    Captain of the Rangers of Ithilien and little brother of Boromir, the Tree of Gondor is emblazoned on his uniform. A silver frame of the same style as Boromir’s was chosen, as he was deemed “second place” by their Father, Denethor II. 5x7” real wood oval, silver leafed.

  31. 31. Denethor II

    Timestamp: 3:39

    The Steward of Gondor, this grim character is shown in an ornate real wood 5x7” silver leafed oval frame. The frame was chosen to reflect his rank, and overly proud and embittered attitude as it is threatened.

  32. 32. The King of the Dead

    Timestamp: 3:45

    This ghostly apparition is seen in a speckled off-white frame with a gold leafed inner lip. Plastic 5x7”.

  33. 33. The Witch King of Angmar

    Timestamp: 3:52

    Chief of the Nazgul, shown in a black 5x7” plastic oval frame with a silver leafed inner lip.

  34. 34. Eowyn

    Timestamp: 3:56

    Shieldmaiden of Rohan, and slayer of the Witch King. “I am no man!” Eowyn is shown in a 5x7” vintage resin frame with a burgundy interior and gold roses encircling the outer rim.

  35. 35. The Mouth of Sauron

    Timestamp: 4:02

    The Herald and Messenger of Sauron is shown in a black 5x7” black oval with a silver leafed inner lip.

  36. 36. Arwen

    Timestamp: 4:08

    Arwen Undomiel, daughter of Elrond, is featured in a real LOTR metal collectors frame. 4x6”

  37. 37. King Aragorn

    Timestamp: 4:14

    Shown in his crown at his coronation, Aragorn is in a real LOTR metal collectors frame. 4x6”

  38. 38. J.R.R. Tolkien

    Timestamp: 4:19

    Professor Tolkien is shown in a vintage leather book frame measuring 5x7”, with the outermost measurement of frame 8x10”.

Hi Kathryn,

Thanks for sharing! Those are some beautiful pieces, very cool seeing the characters in a different medium! ​I've shared it out around the team, great work!



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